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Max Mouline Embroidery FlossMax Mouline Embroidery Floss
Circulo Max Mouline Embroidery Floss
Sale price$0.65
In stock, 1357 units
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Colorful Stork ScissorsColorful Stork Scissors
Cloud Craft Colorful Stork Scissors
Sale price$9.75
In stock, 5 units
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Cléa 125Cléa 125
Circulo Cléa 125
Sale price$2.50
In stock, 137 units
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Stork ScissorsStork Scissors
Matryoshka Doll Shop Stork Scissors
Sale price$14.00
In stock, 3 units
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DIY Embroidered Doll KitDIY Embroidered Doll Kit
Kiriki Press DIY Embroidered Doll Kit
Sale price$22.00
In stock, 22 units
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Embroidery on KnitsEmbroidery on Knits
Laine Embroidery on Knits
Sale price$47.00
In stock, 8 units
Weaving ToolsWeaving Tools
Fūnem Weaving Tools
Sale price$23.00
In stock, 10 units
Cotton Warp Thread
Fūnem Cotton Warp Thread
Sale price$5.00
In stock, 18 units
Weaving LoomWeaving Loom
Fūnem Weaving Loom
Sale price$45.00
In stock, 16 units
6" Embroidery Hoop6" Embroidery Hoop
The Local Yarn Store 6" Embroidery Hoop
Sale price$5.00
In stock, 14 units
Thick Sashiko ThreadThick Sashiko Thread
Daruma Thick Sashiko Thread
Sale price$2.50
In stock, 44 units
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T-Shirt YarnT-Shirt Yarn
Circulo T-Shirt Yarn
Sale price$12.00
In stock, 48 units
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Gorro Kids HatGorro Kids Hat
Circulo Gorro Kids Hat
Sale price$14.00
In stock, 29 units
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Crewel Embroidery Needle
John James Crewel Embroidery Needle
Sale price$2.86
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Needle ThreaderNeedle Threader
Kiriki Press Needle Threader
Sale price$10.00
Only 1 unit left
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Heart Embroidery ScissorsHeart Embroidery Scissors
Cloud Craft Heart Embroidery Scissors
Sale price$9.75
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Learn To Weave Pop Out LoomLearn To Weave Pop Out Loom
Black Sheep Goods Learn To Weave Pop Out Loom
Sale priceFrom $33.00
In stock, 36 units
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Washable Mending PatternsWashable Mending Patterns
Wren Bird Arts Washable Mending Patterns
Sale price$12.00
In stock, 19 units
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Sashiko SamplerSashiko Sampler
Daruma Sashiko Sampler
Sale price$11.50
In stock, 10 units
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Star Shaped Needle MinderStar Shaped Needle Minder
Matryoshka Doll Shop Star Shaped Needle Minder
Sale price$12.00
In stock, 7 units
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Industrious Octopus Embroidery Kit
Enamel Needle MinderEnamel Needle Minder
Lavender Embroidery KitLavender Embroidery Kit
Oh Sew Bootiful Lavender Embroidery Kit
Sale price$34.95
Sold out
Knitting' Kitten Embroidery Kit

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