Lavender Embroidery Kit

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The 'Lavender' Embroidery Kit contains everything you need to make this bright and summery work of hoop art whilst mindfully learning a new skill.

I find embroidery is the ultimate way to relax for me and am also a big fan of lavender as a way to unwind. My Nana always used to have a few drops of lavender oil on her pillow at bed time and I have lovely memories of picking it in the park with my mum. It seemed like an good match to create a design based on 2 fantastic ways to chill out. The design is intentionally simple using just 3 stitches so it's perfect for a beginner or for someone more experienced who would like a simple, mindful project.

What makes this embroidery set extra special is that, as well as step by step stitch instructions and quality supplies, it has the pattern already printed on to cotton fabric in colour so that there is no need for transferring which makes your stitches really neat!

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