Sashiko Sampler

Style: Hemp Leaf (1202)
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DARUMA's Sashiko Samplers are available in various patterns that are printed on durable kitchen cloth fabric (sarashi) and can be washed off after finishing. In other words, DO NOT WASH OR STEAM until you finish stitching or you will lose your pattern.

Continuous Traditional Patterns: traditional sashiko patterns including Wave Crest/SEIGAIHA, Hemp Leaf/ASANOHA, and Seven Treasures/SHIPPO-TSUNAGI. Available in white or navy.

One-Stitch Patterns: Graphic designs ranging from a simple, all-over lattice design to rows of little pine trees. Available in white only.

Grid Guide: Marked clearly at 5mm increments with darker indications for 10cm. Perfect for creating your own sashiko designs! Available in white or navy.

Material: 100% Cotton
Size: 13¼" x 13¼" (34 cm x 34 cm)
Made in Japan

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